Welcome to Eranda Herbal Spa

Set on a beautiful mountainside with views over the emerald waters of the Gulf of Thailand, the Eranda Herbal Spa has a truly exceptional location and epitomises the natural luxury spa experience. Cascading waterfalls; stunning architecture, with thatched roofed pagodas and natural materials; beautiful tropical landscaping; stone walkways and stepping stones leading you up through the spa grounds and gardens; spectacular sea views; and graceful, polite and attentive staff all add to the atmosphere of peace and serenity at this spa. Truly a spa with a view.


Eranda may have the appearance of an exclusive five-star resort, but this is purely a spa environment. There’s nothing here to distract you from your choice of massage or treatment. In fact all you will hear is the sound of trickling water, the rustle of palm trees swaying in the breeze, and the hushed soothing tones of subtle Thai music.


Eranda Herbal Spa has the relaxing and soothing ambience you would expect from a high quality spa facility, but with an added air of exclusivity and luxury that completes the ultimate pampering experience. Truly one of the best spa in samui, we are happy to serve you all.


                   Open everyday from 09:00am till 09:00pm