Body Scrub ( 35 mins. ) Total Price : 1,500 baht

• Tamarind Salt Scrub

» Consisting of fresh milk, oatmeal and tamarind, this scrub will rejuvenate the skin cells and give a replenishing moisturizer, leaving your body smooth and soft to the touch.


• Coffee Seed Scrub

» An exotic blend of coffee and white clay provides skin detoxification and exfoliation. This is an energizing and refreshing cleanser and an uplifting body treatment for your skin.


• Black Sesame Scrub

» A mixture of traditional herbs with black sesame seeds which cleanses and removes tired skin cells. This scrub moisturizes and encourages new cell growth to produce healthier skin.


• Yoghurt & Pineapple Scrub

» This is a very soft scrub for all skin types. Yoghurt and pineapple will gently exfoliate the skin whilst the oat-wheat nourishing cream replenishes and moisturizes leaving your skin soft and smooth.


• Veggies Scrub

» A deep cleansing and revitalizing wrap result in natural skin glow. Pandan gives a balance while green tea provides and excellent antioxidant and anti-aging. The luxurious jojoba oil resembles the body’s natural sebum and therefore leaves the skin moist and soft.


• Lemongrass Scrub

» An aromatic blend of Thai herbs will stimulate all of your senses as it smoothens away dry, rough skin. It improves circulation as well as providing a gentle exfoliation leaving your skin soft and glowing.


• Tropical Fruit Exfoliate Scrub

» This helps to balance the skins natural pH level. Aromatic blends of grapefruit, mandarin and orange oils complement the richness of the fruit extract which provides a definitely fruity feel. Grapefruit oil is used for anti-cellulite treatment and it also reduces water retention. Mandarin and orange oils help to calm the soul.