Body Wrap ( 35 mins. ) Total Price : 1,600 baht

• Magic of Thai Herbs

» A combination of various Thai herbs work together to draw out impurities and replenish your skin. A cream made from prai and turmeric helps to smooth away dead cells giving rejuvenation and radiance. It revitalizes your skin leaving it fresh and glowing


• Dead Sea Mud Wrap

» A complete body treatment which revitalizes the skin tissue, relieves distressed skin and stimulates metabolism. The mud wrap contains over 96% pure, all-natural Dead Sea black mud, enhanced with cold processed botanical extracts and skin softeners.


• Moroccan Red Clay and Roselle Wrap

» Morrocan Red Clay is both detoxifying and circulation boosting. Roselle herbs are rich in alpha hydroxyl acid ( AHA ) which naturally exfoliates skin to remove dead cells. Natural plant oils of jojoba are used to nourish, balance and moisturize after treatment.


• Sunburn Soothing Wrap

» Aloe vera and cucumber are refreshing and cooling to the skin especially after prolonged exposure to the Samui sun. By replenishing the moisture content of the skin and easing damage caused by dryness, this treatment soothes and calms whilst encouraging new cell growth.


• Pandan Wrap

» A deep cleansing and revitalizing wrap result in natural skin glow. Pandan gives a balance while green tea provides and excellent antioxidant and anti-aging. The luxurious jojoba oil resembles the body’s natural sebum and therefore leaves the skin moist and soft.


• Tamarind Whitening Mask

» Liquorice, tamarind and white mud are all natural ingredients with excellent skin purifying properties which make this product ideal as a whitening treatment. Essential oils of lemon also promote blood circulation whilst rose is an effective hormonal regulator.


• Green Tea Wrap

» The whitening properties of green tea help to even skin tone and ease pigmentation. Green tea leaves, mint and kaffir lime leaves are deep cleansing, antibacterial and stimulate circulation. Rosemary also aids circulation and is warming, whilst frankincense oil provides comfort and balance.