Spa Packages

2.35 Hrs

Samui Sensation Package

(Our Most Popular Package)

Approx   2.35 hrs.

Total Bt 4,200

Special price Bt 3,300

  • Herbal Steam & Plunge pool      30 mins
  • Eranda Signature Massage         90 mins
  • Face or Foot Massage                  35 mins
  • Refreshing spa drink                                  


This is the most popular Eranda Spa package and it’s no surprise. Right from the relaxing herbal steam, through the exceptional massage and to the refreshing drink at the end you will find that this experience leaves you feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated.

Oriental Option Package

(Natural Beauty)

Approx   2.35 hrs.

Total Bt 4,200

Special price Bt 3,400

  • Herbal Steam & Plunge pool          30 mins
  • Turmeric Herbs & Honey Scrub     35 mins
  • Eranda Signature Massage             90 mins
  • Refreshing spa drink                                      


Smooth away bumps and rough patches using natural home made honey, turmeric powder and fresh milk, plus our unique signature massage resulting in a muscle relaxing and skin softening experience.

Moon Light Energy

(Hot Stone Massage)

Approx   2.35 hrs.

Total Bt 4,300

Special price Bt 3,800

  • Herbal Steam & Plunge pool        30 mins
  • Hot Stone Massage                      120 mins
  • Refreshing spa drink                                    


Water-treated stones are meticulously placed on parts of the body to promote both relaxation and opening the meridian line (Energy line). The heated stones allow the tissue to be more easily manipulated also helping to release toxins, improve circulation, and ease insomnia.

The Eranda Cha Cha

(Sunburn Relief)

Approx   2.35 hrs.

Total Bt 6,200

Special price Bt 5,100

  • Aloe Vera & Fresh Cucumber Wrap       35 mins
  • Eranda Signature Massage                      60 mins
  • Facial Treatment for Sunburn                 60 mins
  • Refreshing spa drink                                               


Beneficial for sunburn as the fresh cucumber, together with the aloe vera gel, relieves the pain and starts the healing process. This is an excellent treatment for skin repair and skin cell rejuvenation, which concludes with the soothing application of body lotion.

The Ultimate of Ayurvedic

(Indian Therapy)

Approx   2.35 hrs.

Total Bt 6,200

Special price Bt 5,100

  • Relaxing & warm up the back                 15 mins
  • Eranda Massage                                        60 mins
  • Ayurvedic Shirodhara & Facial yoga       50 mins
  • Neck, Arm, Shoulder Massage                 10 mins
  • Guest wash hair & body thoroughly       15 mins
  • Refreshing spa drink                                               


Indian head massage Shirodhara is one of the most popular Ayurvedic therapy in India. The word “ Shiro ” means head and “ Dhara ” means continuous pouring of medicated liquid over the head.

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