Terms & Conditions


Then a booking is successfully placed (which is evidenced by you receiving an instant confirmation email from us), you agree to make payment of the agreed booking price via Credit Card.

Refunds, Changes And Cancellations

Not all suppliers will accept changes once they have received your booking. It may be possible to change your booking, but this will be at the discretion of the supplier. Additional fees may apply. The cancellation policy for each service is as follows (unless a different policy is specified by the activity supplier, transfer supplier or hotel, which will be shown on the booking page for the applicable service)

Condition of Transfer Service

​Free Shuttle service area includes Chaweng Beach area and Choengmon area.  Please check the map for reference. The operator will reconfirm your pick up time in advance. As this is a shared transfer, please be patient in cases of unforeseen delays along the pick-up route. Please arrive in the hotel lobby 15 minutes before scheduled departure